I'm just an ordinary 15 year old guy. I draw pictures most of my time, and frankly don't give a shit about high school because most of it is about grades now, not education.
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Previews from the Great Villians of Gotham art show, opening Saturday, February 1st 2014, at One Shot Gallery / Tumblr

JokeBat Portrait by L’Amour Supreme

StarKade: Rogues by James White / Tumblr / Store

Poison Ivy by Robot Soda / Tumblr

Catwoman & The Penguin by John Rozum / Tumblr

Scarecrow by M. S. Corley / Blog / Tumblr

Fragments (Blue & Red) by HR-FM

Mr. Freeze by Israel Sanchez / Blog


Ridley Scott Series by Khoa Ho / Twitter / Facebook

18” X 30” giclee prints, numbered editions of 65. Available HERE.

Part of the Imagined Worlds tribute art show at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

All artwork now online HERE.


Breaking Bad & Chemistry Lesson by Maxime Mary / Tumblr

Part of the Little Golden Tales art show at Gallery Nucleus


Gotham by Gaslight & Nightwing by Ibrahim Moustafa / Tumblr

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